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    stepperonline sells on amazon (at least in the US) – maybe we could come up with an amazon list that has all the components needed for a Thor? the correct pulleys, the steppers motors, the metallic rods, etc .. ;

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    I’m just trying to do a proof of concept of a remote-controlled industrial tool, so real time doesn’t matter that much (the bottleneck is the “feedback loop” via the camera anyways). ; I like the flexibility of the pi and the fact that it behaves like the environments I use on a daily basis (I’m a backend engineer by trade)
    However, I’ve been using Pi in other situations (closed loops in an autopilot) and it was performing very well. But again I have very little experience with these systems .. still experimenting!

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    Thanks Angel – I didn’t think much about the color, but I’m glad I picked that one! I’ll look into adjusting the current – I still need to add the fans, right now they aren’t mounted. I’m sure it will help
    Olivier, the electronics are very simple, I just put several A4988 stepper drivers on a breadboard and connected them to a raspberry pi. From there, I wrote a little piece of code to control the steppers via a web app, available at ;https://github.com/accretio/thorcontroller. Angel’s electronics are much more “professional” than mine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)