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    Could anyone help me find links to the exact motors mentioned in the materials list please. I have the websites that the original maker bought his from but I can’t find the motors with matching holding torque which is stated. I can find the similar ones with the same size but the holding torque is always a few above what it’s meant to. Any links to motors online would be much appreciated. Preferably an online shop that’s from the UK if possible.

    Many thanks


    Angel LM

      Hi Jamie, i just asnwered your question at Thingiverse, but I’ll answer here again because I think this information could help someone in the future.

      For buying stepper motors all you have to look is the voltage (12V
      in this case), the rated current (I prefeer under 2A in order to control
      it with cheap drivers), the torque (depends on each articulation, but
      look at part list specs) and the size of the motor (in this project
      there are all Nema 17 with different lengths, also provided in the part
      list specs).

      There are many websites along the net and local stores that sell this kind of motors, as them (except the geared motor) are frequently used on 3D printers.

      If you want some links, these are the StepperOnline motors that fit with the specs listed here.

      Articulation 1: 1x Nema 17 40

      Articulation 2 & 3: 3x Geared Nema 17 121.2

      Articulation 4&5&6: 3x Nema 17 26

      I think that would be nice to have a list with the online shops that have Thor components in order to ease the shopping.

      Hope it helps!


      stepperonline sells on amazon (at least in the US) – maybe we could come up with an amazon list that has all the components needed for a Thor? the correct pulleys, the steppers motors, the metallic rods, etc .. ;

      Angel LM

        I forgot to mention that, at least in this case, the more torque the better. So on equal terms of voltage, current and size if you can choose a motor with more torque do it.
        More torque means be able to lift more weight!

        Best regards 😉


        Thank you very much for replying, I’m a lot more confident know in what motors to buy. I hope to have something soon I can share with you and the group.

        Many thanks

        Angel LM

          вторник, 14 февраля 2017 г., 23:21:22 UTC+3 пользователь Jamie Williams написал:


          Hello could you update one more time stepper motor ? I want to build THOR propably first in Poland but in BOM is motor with planetary gear and other but link doesn’t work and i don’t know model of motors
          Thank you 🙂

          Angel LM

            Hi Adrian,

            Thank you for noticing that the BOM links where not correct! 🙂
            I updated the motor ones. I’ll check the rest ASAP to ensure that every link works.


            Hi Angel. The AliExpress link for the motor joints 2 and 3 (17HS13-0404S-PG5) indicates that they are no longer for sale, and with the stepperonline link, i cannot order it for Spain. What alternatives could i have?

            Thank you for this fantastic project.

            Angel LM

              Hi AliSintax,

              Thanks for noticing it! It seems like StepperOnline has stopped selling that model in Aliexpress at this time, but they are still selling it in their website.

              What problem do you have with the StepperOnline link? I just tried (I’m also from Spain) and it allowed me to order it to Spain (at least to add it to the cart and proceed with the checkout).
              I may be wrong, but maybe are you confusing the warehouse country (China/US/Germany/UK) with the delivery address? hahaha

              Best regards!


              Indeed Angel, you’re not wrong at all, heehehehe. I thought that was the country to send to and not the country from which to send effectively. Thanks for the warning!. I look forward to working on its assembly. Thanks for again for the project

              Spanish: Efectivamente Ángel, no no te equivocas nada, jeejej. Pensaba que era el país al que enviar y no el país desde el que enviar efectivamente. Gracias por el aviso!. Tengo ganas de ir trabajando en su montaje. Gracias de nuevo por el proyecto.


              Angel LM

                Hahahaha! Sometimes online stores are confusing!

                Glad I could help!


                  Hi Angel, İts İrem. I’m building Thor but ım having trouble getting Articulation 2 & 3: 3x Geared Nema 17 121.2 motor.There is no delivery to Turkey. Can you suggest an alternative motor instead of this?

                  Angel LM

                    This one looks to me like it can be shipped to Turkey, doesn’t it?


                      no, it doesn’t, lm afraid. But I was going to ask if I can use a motor with similar torque instead of a geared motor.

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