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    Hello everyone,
    It took a little bit of time but I finally managed to assemble a Thor. It’s not really complete but it works and it can be remote-controlled via a webapp, which is what I was aiming for. Thanks Angel! ;
    Maybe we should start a “tips” section on the wiki; I’d be happy to contribute some. Also, we would need to refine the BOM a little bit, there is some variance in the shapes of the pulleys for instance that can cause some flakiness in Art56. Same with some nuts, some vendors make them wider than others. ;
    There are tons of little issues that I need to work on. In particular the Art4 stepper motor is heating up quite fast for some reason. Maybe there is some pressure on the shaft .. did anyone face the same problem? ;

    Angel LM

      Welcome to the Thor family! 🙂

      It looks so cool in yellow! About the Art4 stepper motor heatint: I had the same issue, but after I adjusted the current (at driver) and set the fan it appeared to be solved.

      Hope it helps!


      Thanks Angel – I didn’t think much about the color, but I’m glad I picked that one! I’ll look into adjusting the current – I still need to add the fans, right now they aren’t mounted. I’m sure it will help
      Olivier, the electronics are very simple, I just put several A4988 stepper drivers on a breadboard and connected them to a raspberry pi. From there, I wrote a little piece of code to control the steppers via a web app, available at ; Angel’s electronics are much more “professional” than mine.


      Hi William,
      not a bad solution. I am not certain how much realtime it is possible to get directly out of a pi.I my company we use kuka robots. Everthing runs on a single pc with vxworks and windows.
      I would believe a pi with an axis controller software on it and another pi with an userinterface could also be nice.And 99.9 % realtime. It is worth to test it. 🙂
      CU Oliver


      I’m just trying to do a proof of concept of a remote-controlled industrial tool, so real time doesn’t matter that much (the bottleneck is the “feedback loop” via the camera anyways). ; I like the flexibility of the pi and the fact that it behaves like the environments I use on a daily basis (I’m a backend engineer by trade)
      However, I’ve been using Pi in other situations (closed loops in an autopilot) and it was performing very well. But again I have very little experience with these systems .. still experimenting!


      Hey William
      Can u post some photos of the electronics connections please

      Angel LM

        Hi, I’m also developing the project alike to Thor and I noticed that you were doing the same, what about your progress?


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        Angel LM

          Hello Анастасия,

          I’m not sure if you are spamming or if you don’t understand how a google groups community works.

          In case that you don’t know how it works, every message that you reply in a public way is published in the thread and it’s visible for everyone (like a forum). It is also sended by email to everyone that are suscribed to the community. It means that if you reply every thread with the same question, you will be spamming every user suscribed to this forum, and I will not allow it.
          If you want to ask something particular, show your project or share info with the community, please open your own thread instead of replying on others threads.

          I guess that you have not read the [Rules & Guidelines] Read before posting thread. Please do. Spamming is not allowed and if I see someone doing it I will ban its user immediately.

          I hope you understand it.
          Angel LM

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