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    Hey Angel!
    So the robot is assembled and the motors are working for the most part. However, I am not quite sure how to move it to a position that I want. I think that ;every time I reopen the connection it assumes that the angle at that moment is 0 for every axis, is that true? How do we define a home position that it can go to for starting it every time or is that not possible? Could you send/share an example gcode that you know works well? Right now we are sending a single command at a time, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t (probably because of the assumed position).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Nope, same problem. Only X moves and that is also kind of jerky. Definitely not smooth. Not sure how to identify and fix the problem 🙁

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    Only one motor had been moving. Right now I am updating $$ parameters. I will write when I’m done with that and try again.

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    Everything is connected according to that diagram. We are using Universal GCode Sender. Active State lights up green and says “run” when I send a command and is idle otherwise. It also says “ok” after every command but the only movement it does is the X+ and X- (both by manual entry and through the ‘machine control’ screen). We’ve checked the connections multiple times and it seems correct. ;
    Also, writing this in case anyone else has a similar problem and ends up reading this, one of the motors we received actually had different colorings for the wires (instead of black-green it was paired black-red). All motors have been tested for continuity.
    And when we run the test, we also only see some movement on the X+/-. According to the code, all motors should run after one another while the test is running but it isn’t happening.

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    Hi ;Ángel,
    Thank you for that page, it is very helpful. For some reason, we can only move one motor on the X axis. When we first connected it, we could also run two other motors on the Y axis and Z axis but now they are not moving at all (no errors on the gcode side). We had tested all motors before so that is not the problem. We’re still trying to see if there are any faults in the connections but it doesn’t seem like it. Also when the test code is run, only one motor moves.
    Any idea what the problem might be?

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    I’m also writing here in case anyone else has a similar question. Getting the grbl on the Arduino was easy following those steps, so thank you. So what happens after that? How do we get the motors to move? I downloaded the Universal GCode sender and ran the test.gcode that is included in the grbl file you supplied but nothing really happened. Should the motors be moving when we press the X+ or X- buttons for example?
    Sorry to keep bothering you with simple questions, but once we pass that hurdle, we should be able to put everything together! So close!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)