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    Hey everyone,
    I’m looking to wire up everything on a breadboard for now. Does anybody have a schematic I can follow? I have all of the required components and have the Mega wired up to a breadboard with the stepper drivers. I’m just unsure which pins go where. Is there a file that I can follow that will tell me this?
    Thanks for the help! I have assembled Thor, but am still working on a couple of issues. My output shaft for the geared steppers are 8mm, so I can’t use the GT2 pulley for support in art2/3 until I get half of it drilled to 8mm, which won’t be an issue, I’d just rather have a ;shop do it accurately. I also accidentally only ordered one to many of the 40mm stepper motors, and one less of the 34mm. As well as the GT2 closed loop belt. So I thought while I waited I’d mess around with prototyping a rough control board.

    Angel LM

      Hi Antonio, I have several ControlPCB V1.0 and mats for assembly them.
      What are you looking for? Only the PCB? The PCB+Mats or an already assembled PCB? I’m from Spain, and I think that the shipping cost to Italy is about 5€ (not really sure about this).

      Angel LM

        Hi Triumph! You can check the KiCad files uploaded to the repository. But you are right, I’ll make and upload a clearer diagram as soon as possible!

        Best regards!

        Angel LM

          Hi again!

          I just did a clearer electronic schematic that you can see here.
          The references can be checked in the Component List wiki page.

          Hope it helps!


          That’s perfect! Thank you for the help!


          Hi Ángel, i need to buy The PCB+Mats or an already assembled PCB.. What is the difference of price?

          Angel LM

            Hi Antonio, I can send you PCB+Mats for 30€+Shipping or the already assembled and tested PCB for 60€+Shipping.
            Note: I’m not a professional solder, it takes me about 2 hours of work and the results are not like wave soldering (industrial).

            In both cases the mats include:

            • PCB
            • All male pins
            • All female pins
            • All resistors
            • All leds
            • All capacitors
            • All terminal blocks
            • The diode
            • The fuse

            And it does not include:

            • Arduino Mega
            • Drivers
            • Wires
            • Motors
            • Fans
            • Sensors

            I prefeer the first option, just because I don’t have much spare time but the assembled is offered anyway! 😉


            hey angel, great work!
            is there any photos to be found of all the assembled pcb’s?
            and where should i buy all the small electronics

            Angel LM

              A photo of an Assembled ControlPCB?
              I attached one to this message 😉
              have bought most of the electronic components from Aliexpress and
              others like fuses from electronic online shops from my country.

              Hope it helps!

              EDIT: I deleted the previous message because I didn’t attach the image 🙁


              hey angel 10x for the quick reply
              what about the sensor PCB

              Angel LM

                Good question!

                Currently, the sensors PCB I have are the ones that I made using a CNC, which is not the best replicable option I think.
                If you want I can disassembly part of my robot to do a photo, but I don’t know if it will help you. I’m curious about how other Thor Builders did with the position sensors, any of you can share their experience?
                I also remember that someone told me that there are commercial sensors (like this one) that could fit inside Thor… I think that the 3D model can be modified easily to hold that sensors instead of the DIY ones. What do you think?

                Best regards!


                ;AngeL,Can you please put together a bill of material so I can buy the right component to assembly PCB. You did not include all components on PCB as indicated on your hackaday page I’m ordering ;a fully assembled PCB from a US company. thanksBen ;

                Angel LM

                  Hi Benedict,

                  Please take a look at the Component List at the Wiki page.

                  Best regards,
                  Ángel LM


                  How should the Jumpers be connected for the Stepper Controllers

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