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    Hey everyone,
    I’m looking to wire up everything on a breadboard for now. Does anybody have a schematic I can follow? I have all of the required components and have the Mega wired up to a breadboard with the stepper drivers. I’m just unsure which pins go where. Is there a file that I can follow that will tell me this?
    Thanks for the help! I have assembled Thor, but am still working on a couple of issues. My output shaft for the geared steppers are 8mm, so I can’t use the GT2 pulley for support in art2/3 until I get half of it drilled to 8mm, which won’t be an issue, I’d just rather have a ;shop do it accurately. I also accidentally only ordered one to many of the 40mm stepper motors, and one less of the 34mm. As well as the GT2 closed loop belt. So I thought while I waited I’d mess around with prototyping a rough control board.

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    Angel LM

      Hi Antonio, I have several ControlPCB V1.0 and mats for assembly them.
      What are you looking for? Only the PCB? The PCB+Mats or an already assembled PCB? I’m from Spain, and I think that the shipping cost to Italy is about 5€ (not really sure about this).

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      Angel LM

        Hi Triumph! You can check the KiCad files uploaded to the repository. But you are right, I’ll make and upload a clearer diagram as soon as possible!

        Best regards!

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        Angel LM

          Hi again!

          I just did a clearer electronic schematic that you can see here.
          The references can be checked in the Component List wiki page.

          Hope it helps!

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          That’s perfect! Thank you for the help!

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          Hi Ángel, i need to buy The PCB+Mats or an already assembled PCB.. What is the difference of price?

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          Angel LM

            Hi Antonio, I can send you PCB+Mats for 30€+Shipping or the already assembled and tested PCB for 60€+Shipping.
            Note: I’m not a professional solder, it takes me about 2 hours of work and the results are not like wave soldering (industrial).

            In both cases the mats include:

            • PCB
            • All male pins
            • All female pins
            • All resistors
            • All leds
            • All capacitors
            • All terminal blocks
            • The diode
            • The fuse

            And it does not include:

            • Arduino Mega
            • Drivers
            • Wires
            • Motors
            • Fans
            • Sensors

            I prefeer the first option, just because I don’t have much spare time but the assembled is offered anyway! 😉

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            hey angel, great work!
            is there any photos to be found of all the assembled pcb’s?
            and where should i buy all the small electronics

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            Angel LM

              A photo of an Assembled ControlPCB?
              I attached one to this message 😉
              have bought most of the electronic components from Aliexpress and
              others like fuses from electronic online shops from my country.

              Hope it helps!

              EDIT: I deleted the previous message because I didn’t attach the image 🙁

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              hey angel 10x for the quick reply
              what about the sensor PCB

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              Angel LM

                Good question!

                Currently, the sensors PCB I have are the ones that I made using a CNC, which is not the best replicable option I think.
                If you want I can disassembly part of my robot to do a photo, but I don’t know if it will help you. I’m curious about how other Thor Builders did with the position sensors, any of you can share their experience?
                I also remember that someone told me that there are commercial sensors (like this one) that could fit inside Thor… I think that the 3D model can be modified easily to hold that sensors instead of the DIY ones. What do you think?

                Best regards!

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                ;AngeL,Can you please put together a bill of material so I can buy the right component to assembly PCB. You did not include all components on PCB as indicated on your hackaday page I’m ordering ;a fully assembled PCB from a US company. thanksBen ;

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                Angel LM

                  Hi Benedict,

                  Please take a look at the Component List at the Wiki page.

                  Best regards,
                  Ángel LM

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                  How should the Jumpers be connected for the Stepper Controllers

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