Thor Controll PCB

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    Oliver Schumacher

    If someone in Europe needs a THOR Control PCB i have got some from PCBWAY. They look very nice.
    CU Olive

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    Manuel Miramontes

    Do you still have some control PCB’s. I will need one.

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    Jamie Williams

    If you still have one Oliver I’d greatly appreciate it


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    Angel LM

    Hi guys, I’m welding the components of the PCB in this right moment and I have seen at least one fail in the board 🙁
    The pads of the power pins are in the front side instead of beeing in the back side… That makes difficult to solder the terminal block connector. My solution was to inject solder paste through the PCB hole and heat it with the solder. Other solution could be to place the terminal block in the back side.
    I’ll fix the board files asap.
    Sorry for the inconveniences,Ángel LM

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    Oliver Schumacher

    Hi Angel,
    i got all parts today. Will solder pcb’s this weekend.
    Will see if i get any trouble.
    Angel i thought about bringing all elektronic parts in the empty art3.But thors Stepper board will not within one or two milimeters.Maybe it is possible to design smaller boards.So it will have less cabeling and also no extra compartment for electronics except for a power supply ;is possible.
    CU Oliver ;

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    Oliver Schumacher


    i made my PCB this weekend.

    I looks god from my prospective.

    My Son Lars was helping me, He is 7 yo so he will be the youngest thor builder 🙂

    CU Oliver

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    Angel LM

    Yay! That board seems cool!
    Have you tried it? It works? Hahaha It’s weird for me to ask this questions…but I haven’t finished welding mine yet :/

    Congrats to Lars! He’s officially the youngest Thor builder!

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    Oliver Schumacher

    Yes it is working.I havend tested all axxis but 2 had worked i guess the other will work too.
    I am working on a new thor base to integrate elektronics. Without an external compartment,I had probs with my printer. The temperature sensor of the hot end was broken, twice. and finally i had a nozzle jam. ;Cheap china stuff. :-(But tonight it looks good printer is back online.

    I use an ardurino mega and will connect thor pcb directly.Will what i can get done this weekend. The next two weeks i am at ;rehab cente ;with my son. ;So Thor must wait a little. I am 100% sure Thor will work as soon i bring all parts together. ;
    CU Oliver ;

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    Angel LM

    Nice to know! I’ll be finishing it tomorrow, I guess. And probably I’ll test it too. I hope I designed it well… hahahaha

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    Thiemo Rögener

    Hello Oliver,
    I am also interested in a PCB, do you still have one for me?

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    Angel LM

    Hi all!

    ;currently tested (little by little
    because I didn’t have much spare time right now…) and I have found at
    least 3 bugs in the current design of the ControlPCB.
    These bugs are easy to fix, but I’ll update the electronic design in order to have a bug-free PCB.

    The bugs I have seen so far are:

    1. Solder
      pads for the Power and Switch terminal blocks are in the incorrect
      side. Quick fix: Solder it through the hole or applying some solder
      paste in the solder pad before introducing the terminal block.
    2. The
      Tool control pin is currently connected to the Mega’s pin 40 which is
      not a PWM pin. Quick fix: separate the Tool wire from the ribbon cable
      and connect it to a free PWM pin (for example: pin 7).
    3. LEDs are
      too bright. I have to check the values of the resistors since the leds
      are so bright that them can hurt the eyes. Specially the USB one. Quick
      fix: Probably a higher value of the led resistors will solve this minor

    Except for that bugs, the PCB works well.

    I will upload soon the fixes, the grbl version for this board aaaaaand a diagram of the PCB connections.

    Best regards!

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    Angel LM

    Hi guys! I just finished the wire diagram of the ControlPCB v1.0:

    Tell me if you see any error or you have any questions about the connections.

    Hope it helps!

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    Oliver Schumacher

    Hi Angel,
    i have seen you have already updated you GRBL FW. with cpumaping. Great thx.
    CU Oliver.

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    Angel LM

    No problem 😉

    BTW, I have enhanced the Wiring Diagram of the Control PCB, now is easier to see how the Arduino is connected with the Control PCB 😉

    Best regards!

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    Antonio S.

    I need to buy a THOR control PCB. Have you got anyone? I’m from Italy

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