Reply To: Thor Controll PCB

Angel LM

    Hi Antonio, I can send you PCB+Mats for 30€+Shipping or the already assembled and tested PCB for 60€+Shipping.
    Note: I’m not a professional solder, it takes me about 2 hours of work and the results are not like wave soldering (industrial).

    In both cases the mats include:

    • PCB
    • All male pins
    • All female pins
    • All resistors
    • All leds
    • All capacitors
    • All terminal blocks
    • The diode
    • The fuse

    And it does not include:

    • Arduino Mega
    • Drivers
    • Wires
    • Motors
    • Fans
    • Sensors

    I prefeer the first option, just because I don’t have much spare time but the assembled is offered anyway! 😉