Reply To: Thor Controll PCB


Hey everyone,
I’m looking to wire up everything on a breadboard for now. Does anybody have a schematic I can follow? I have all of the required components and have the Mega wired up to a breadboard with the stepper drivers. I’m just unsure which pins go where. Is there a file that I can follow that will tell me this?
Thanks for the help! I have assembled Thor, but am still working on a couple of issues. My output shaft for the geared steppers are 8mm, so I can’t use the GT2 pulley for support in art2/3 until I get half of it drilled to 8mm, which won’t be an issue, I’d just rather have a ;shop do it accurately. I also accidentally only ordered one to many of the 40mm stepper motors, and one less of the 34mm. As well as the GT2 closed loop belt. So I thought while I waited I’d mess around with prototyping a rough control board.