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    Was gonna drop the link of the video, but noticed you’ve already seen it. Thanks a lot for all the help Angel!

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    Edit: Solved it by printing slightly larger gears (*1.05)

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    Hey Angel,
    I actually adjusted the height of the arm rest and screwed it to the table in a position where the 2nd articulation reaches its end position, therefore that does’t slide and the 3rd articulation gently rests itself on the arm rest. The 5th articulation also rests on the extra piece you can see in the arm rest 3d model. I also added some foam to keep the arm from getting damaged.

    We did shoot lots of scenes with 3d scanning (I’ll let you know when we release it), but I also shot this short one for an IG story:
    Moving the arm very slow using G1 commands when scanning, so the scanner can keep up. 🙂

    Btw, I’m sometimes having a trouble with the articulation 2 skipping gears (when moving downwards). The driver vref is finetuned, shaft lengths and the gear positioning looks fine. Currently lowering the max feedrate of that articulation to find the sweet spot. Have any other recommendations to help me fix it?

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    An update: I upgraded the 4th articulation bearing. I just printed a few differently scaled versions as mentioned, picked the smoothest one and added tons of lithium grease between the balls. It now works like a charm. I also did paint the optic disk with some different paint and now it homes perfectly. I don’t know if it was because of the earlier bearing (it was wiggly) or the paint, but finally I am a proud owner of a fully functioning Thor. ^_^

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    Hey Angel, my Thor is finally ready and fully functional to share. 🙂

    Author: Tolga Özuygur
    Location: Istanbul, Turkey
    Link: Don’t have any blog post or anything about the build but maybe my channel?

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    Ah yeah, I meant 4th. I actually did see it in the documentation and black sprayed all the optic disks. Maybe the spray was not enough, I’ll try the black nail polish too, thanks a lot!

    For now to avoid homing I made an arm rest for the robot, uploaded it to thingiverse:
    It acts as a manual way to home it when it’s powered off, also keeps things safe and makes it easy to change the tool. Btw in the photo on thingiverse you’ll notice a revopoint 3d scanner attached as a tool. I wrote a sequence that scans someone with multiple passes when they sit in front of the robot, then turn it into an stl file. This robot is super fun. 😀

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    Hey Angel!

    Thought the URL was the issue!
    Glad you liked the workshop and the channel. I’ll have english subtitles to my videos soon.

    My 5th articulation also has a homing issue. It always homes to a different (sometimes 20-30 degrees off) angle. I believe it might be because of the wiggling that causes the optic endstop disk to give false positives, would this be a correct guess? I’m trying to hotfix this to finish the video, for now I just manually move it after homing.

    I was doing the exact same thing you suggested for the 4th articulation, I started printing multiple versions of the inner disk of the bearing by slightly scaling it up to see which one will fit the best with the plastic balls, glad to know I’m on the right path.

    About the 5th and 6th articulation, I started imagining about a system where we could simply switch to a single stepper for the 5th (using a 10 to 20 pulley maybe?) and smack a servo to the middle of the Art56MotorCoverRing for 6th. This way 5th would be more stable and still can home, and you wouldn’t need to home the 6th since it’s now a servo. It would also decrease weight from the tip of the arm. It would only require changing a few of the parts in that module, so I might try this design at some point. If it works I’ll just fork the github and add all of the mods with the name Fat Thor. 🙂

    I’ll definitely post it for the ww section once it’s complete.

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    Hey Angel! Super nice to meet you, was building your robot for the last 2 weeks, now it’s so cool to talk to you at the end. 🙂
    Just uploaded a quick test video for you:

    I had a few quick questions in the video, any suggestions about those would be very appreciated.

    Btw, I’m actually building the robot for an episode on my YouTube channel, hope that’s fine (of course the project page is credited in the video, and the links will be in the description 🙂 ).
    In the channel I build robots and stuff, it’s in Turkish though but here it is:

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    Angel hey, for some reason when I post a youtube link of the test video I shot for you, the message disappears. Is there some sort of an automatic moderation system enabled on the board? 🙂

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    Sorry for hasty question, managed to solve it by changing the $5=1 value to 0. I guess different optic limit switches were used in the original build. Works flawlessly now. Will post a video of the robot soon!

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