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    Angel LM

      Hello everyone!

      It has been more than a year since I released the Thor project. From the beginning, the project was very well received. It received tons of views, likes, comments, forks…
      And more important than the “fame”, the feedback started to arrive. Many people liked the robot, but not the way to control it. Not everyone knows how the GCodes work and, if you know it, sometimes you don’t want to type a GCode to move a robotic arm.
      So, some users started developing or adapting GUIs for Thor (I can’t really express my gratitude to they). But at this point, I don’t really know the state of that GUIs.

      That’s why I decided to make my own program to control Thor. A GUI designed using Qt and programmed in Python. It’s my first time programming something that doesn’t use the terminal for the user interaction so please be gentle with me hahaha.

      This GUI is called Asgard and will be OpenSource too. You can find the source files at the Github repository. Do not hesitate if you want to help with the development, help is always welcome!

      These would be the key features of Asgard GUI:

      • User-friendly Graphical Interface
      • Forward Kinematics implementation (1st version)
      • Inverse Kinematics implementation (2nd version)
      • Sequence Programmer (3rd version)

      Some things that I have though about but not in the short-term:

      • 3D display
      • 3D IK Controller/Sequence Programmer

      Finally, this is the current look of the graphical part of Asgard:

      If you have some suggestions/tips/comments please post them! I will be happy to know what do you think about this!

      I’ll keep you updated!
      Angel LM

      Angel LM


        I have news! The Asgard GUI is working and as far I tested it, it works fine!


          Angel LM

            Today I tested the Version 1 and it works!
            See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aas1Xh42xMA

            Best regards,
            Angel LM


            I am facing problem about conection of serial port. Also i have gone through serial_port_finder but it showing “ImportError: No module named ‘serial'” so Now what to do please guid

            Angel LM

              Hi Aviraj,

              Try installing the pyserial module (pip install pyserial). This error may appear again with other libraries, I suggest you to do the same.

              It’s one of the things that I want to do: to document the dependencies of the main program… But I have no time right now.

              Hope it helps!


              Hi Angel,

              I’ve finally able to drive at least two axis of my Thor arm with Asgard and that brings up the question of where in Asgard or your version of GRBL to you take into account the different microstep settings and the gear reduction of the various articulations? I know that Art1 needs a 5x increase, art2 is 5x + 5.18x for the gear motors. In the defaults_generic.h file all axis are set to a value of 250 for DEFAULT_?_STEPS_PER_MM.
              Just wondering if I’m missing something.
              Thanks for all your good work,Drew

              Angel LM

                Hi Drew!

                As far as I remember (It has been a long time since I programmed that…) I didn’t take into account the microsteps. Instead of that, I set the steps_per_mm using the $ commands (writing the EEPROM).
                The values I have were set by trial an error measuring 45º 90º 180º and 360º
                Of course, the value of steps_per_mm would mean steps_per_degree in this case.

                Time ago I posted my $$ settings in the Thor’s wiki, if it helps.

                For the next version of Asgard I’ll try to add a Settings window where that parameters can be easily tunned.

                Best regards!

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