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    I’m amirul zolkefli from Malaysia. My name in github is @madhensem. ;
    I’m want to build the thor robot arm. Currently, I working on the stepper motor part which I connect them with breadboard and stepper motor driver along with arduino mega.I am using the modified version Grbl from ;AngelLM but facing problem to make all the sixseven stepper motor moving.
    Firstly, in my testing, I have been using Universal Gcode Sender v0.9 and v1.1 as well as bCNC. But the result, only motor 6 or motor F in the firmware configuration working when I put the test.gcode. The rest of stepper motor are receiving pulse but not moving. Next, I want to understand how to produce custom gcode as mention by dev AngelLM since Im using Cura and Repetier host to produce Gcode by slicing the 3d part to test on the Grbl firmware.
    Thanks and Regards to All !

    Angel LM

      Hi Amirul,

      First of all, welcome to the Thor community 😉
      I still have to generate the control documentation, which would include the GRBL mods and how to use the custom GCode. It is on my to-do-list haha.
      Answering your question quickly, the way I control Thor via GCode is using forward kinematics. It means that I send to the control board the values of the angles for the 7 motors.
      For example:

      G01 A10 B20 C20 D30 X40 Y50 Z60

      This Gcode will move the 1st articulation (A) 10 degrees clockwise, the second (B & C as there are 2 steppers in this articulation) 20º CW, the third (D) 30º CW, 4th (X) 40º CW , 5th (Y) 50º CW and 6th (Z) 60º CW

      The Inverse kinematic calculations are already done but it’s hard to implement into an Arduino, due to the calculations per second that the microprocessor has to do.

      Hope it helps 😉


      i thought it is o good idea to add i pi with ros installed on it.There are libs available to communicate with ardurino and also to calculate kinematics.Pi will have enough processing power to do so.Will see if i get it done this way. Actually still printing. (I am at the 3 axxis.)
      I have orderd thor stepper boards from pcbway they will come this week. ;
      All other hardware is in place. As soon i get the boards i will start comissioning electronics and generate software.
      CU Oliver


      Hi all,
      Now the motor can moves 🙂 . I also still in printing progress at same time want to make the motor moves according to instruction. Before that, I also tried control the motor using graphical UI (Blender) ;but failed to do so because I’m lack in programming knowledge. For Oliver suggestion I also want to give a try.
      Still waiting for PCB too. 🙁
      Thanks and Regards !

      Angel LM

        Hi, I’m also developing the project alike to Thor and I noticed that you were doing the same, what about your progress?


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