Thor’s 3rd birthday!

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    Angel LM

      It has been 3 years since I released Thor! Woah, time goes by really fast.

      As a birthday gift I want to boost this project, but I’ll need help from the community to do it.
      I want to gather all the features, improvements, crazy ideas… that you would want to see in the new version of Thor.
      I have created a list where you can vote and add ideas in a quick and simple way. ¡Feel free to add anything! I will take them all in account!
      How would you improve Thor?

      Thanks for these three years! 🙂
      Angel LM

      Hi Angel.

      First, congratulations for this incredible project. I am working with a Fablab in Germany and we have printed and built 2 Thor robots. We are looking for making the 2.0 version or maybe another one afterwords and have several projects related to it.

      First, I integrated it to my master thesis that is related to robot learning grasping

      Second, I plan to have it playing chess (with neural nets for solving how to play chess). ;

      If you want any more updates or have any thought about it, I’d be please to hear them.

      Thanks again for sharing your work open source, it’s great to have people like you on Earth.


      Angel LM

        Hi Quentin!
        Sorry for the late reply! Of course I want to know more abour your Thor playing chess! It sounds amazing!
        Best regards!Ángel LM

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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