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    I don’t see the site ; mentioned anywhere on the mailing list, github or the hackaday post. Is that store website affiliated / sanctioned by Angel L.M.?
    In the About Thor section it says they are cooperating with Angel but it’s strange that there is no reverse mention of them anywhere around here.
    I would like to buy the Thor parts from them but am unsure if they are legitimate site.
    Thank you,
    ;Lex Berezhn

    Angel LM

      Hi Lex!

      I’m surprised that you found that website! Where did you find it? Hahaha

      Yes, I’m collaborating with the company behind to be able to provide kits to build your own Thor. The reason of the absence of any mention to it is that we are currently working on a Kickstarter campaign and there is a bit of work to be done.
      I think that the website has not been advertised yet, that’s why I’m surprised about people finding it.
      I’m working with this company because I trust on them and I’m sure that they will do a very good job. I would want to clarify that althrough I’ll be collaborating with them I will not be directly responsive of the sales.

      So, if you want to buy a kit, contact them using their contact email and they will answer you as soon as possible with all the info!

      I’ll keep you all updated about the progress in this adventure! 🙂 ;

      Best regards,
      Angel LM


      If you google “thor robot arm kit” this website is second in results. That’s how I found it 🙂
      I will contact them, thank you!

      Angel LM

        I see! Then it looks like the website is well positioned hahaha

        Best regards,
        Angel LM


        Dear Angel, is there any update on the kits to be bought or on the kickstarter?
        I’m building one but haven’t got much time and depending on the price would prefer to buy it 🙂

        Many thanks and congrats for your exceptional project!

        Best regards

        Angel LM

          Hello David,
          Sadly, it seems that the company that contacted me a year ago is not interested anymore on this project… So nowadays there is not a plan for launching a kickstarter or similar.I have thought a lot about launching it by myself or to set up an online shop to sell kits, but the investment and the legal paperwork is really beyong me haha
          Sorry for the news!Ángel LM

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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