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    My question is regarding the control PCB. On the GitHub page for components, there is a v2 version that says it is the current version. I can only find PCB schematics for the v1 PCB. Could you maybe point me towards a v2 schematic? If there isn’t one, I’d be happy to learn how to design my own if you could reply with some resources for me to learn from.

    Angel LM

      Yes, sorry for the confusion. The first PCB I designed for Thor project was a single-layer one, to be able to manufacture it with a DIY CNC. It was called v1.
      Later I designed a 2 layer PCB for SMT components and called it v2. I don’t remember why or when I started refering to the 2 layer as v1 and the single layer as prototype. I think that is the origin of the confusion.

      In short: The PCB of the ThorControlPCB repository is the latest one, the wiki of the Thor repository is outdated. The latest information and files can be found in this website 🙂

      Hope it helps!

      PD: I designed the PCBs using KiCAD software, following some tutorials of YouTube (I don’t remember which ones) and basing the design on the RAMPS 1.4 board.

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