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    Hello again,

    This is my second question about the project, but I thought I should open a new thread.
    As I said, I am printing, slowly, all the pieces. Some of them need support, but there are others, for example Art1Body, which indeed needs support for a lower and raised platform, but I think it shouldn’t need it for the central higher part. I’m using Cura to slice it and if I select support, the amount of plastic used and printing time increases a lot, so the question is:
    – Is there any way to select support for only some areas of the piece?
    – Or, is there a way to edit the gcode file to take away support from some areas?

    Please, I’d like to know from those of you who already printed these pieces.

    Thank you


    a gcode file can be edited tol remove slicers unneeded gcode
    but you will end to dislike all slicers 😉


    Can you suggest a gcode tool that can do what I need, i.e. to remove support in some areas of the piece?



    no sorry
    i did it by hand, sed, awk

    Angel LM

      Hi Rafael!

      I don’t know what 3d printer you have, but in my case that piece needed support to print it correctly. Anyway, there are slicer programs that allow you to select only certain areas to make supports (for example Simplify3D). I don’t really know if it’s possible to edit the Gcode to include supports, I dont think so.

      But I have other solution! ;
      Danny made many awesome modifications of Thor, one of them was to split the Art1Body piece in order to ease the printing and the assembly. I would also recommend you to check all of his modifications! 😉

      Hope it helps!
      Ángel LM

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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