Stepper Motor Shaft Size

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    Hey all!
    I have started printing and gathering all of the parts needed to build Thor. My stepper motors came in today and although all of the dimensions seem to be correct, the shaft sizes are all slightly larger than required. This is making the 5:1 stepper motors very difficult to slot into the Art1 body. I guess the only thing this would affect are the gears, and I shouldn’t have any issue printing new ones with the appropriate holes. As for Art1 Body, I am planning on just milling out the slots to make it easier to put in.
    Are there any other issues this might cause that I am not thinking of?

    Thanks again for your time and help! This is such an awesome project, and my nephew and I are planning on using Thor to practice programming robotics.

    Angel LM

      Hi Triumph!

      What steppers did you buy? Can you link a datasheet or a link to the shop?

      Anyway, if the only diference is that your shafts are a little bit larger I guess you can make the slots larger without problems, I don’t think it will affect the structure.

      Hope it helps!


      The PDF should be in there. ;
      Thanks for your help


      This motor has 8mm output shaft…

      This reminds me my sad story. I ordered the geared motors from Aliexpress. The model was 17HS13-0404S-PG5. And I received motors with that label!But later when I started assembling the robot… the motors proved 40mm long instead of 34mm in description! So they just could not fit inside. And the output shaft was 8mm.So I had to order the right motors from stepperonline did not know about this shop before, but now I highly recommend it. Fast shipping, good quality. If I only had known, I’d ordered all motors from them..


      Hey Angel, I had a quick question.
      Is the required stepper motors:
      2 x 34mm
      2 x 40mm
      3 x 5:1
      Thanks! I’m not sure if I’m thinking about this right, but I think it should be 1 x 40mm and 3 x 34mm, unless I might be misplacing a stepper motor lol.

      Angel LM

        Hi Triumph,

        You are completly right, I fixed the Component list just wight now.

        Thanks for noticing!

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