Some help with articulations 5 and 6

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    I’m leading a group of high school age students in the U.S. creating a Thor robotic arm. We’ve printed many of the parts and have acquired all of the components we need. We’re very impressed by this project and we’re really looking forward to completing the arm. ;

    We’ve started the ;build of the 5 and 6 articulations and we’re hoping we could get some clarity regarding the functionality. Does one of the small gears get attached to the linear rod with a set screw? The issue we’re having is one of the Art56SmallGear parts is working its way off the Art56GearPlate toward the bearing. ;


    Any advice and guidance in regard to how these articulations function would be greatly appreciated.


    Stephen Souders

    MYTEK La


    Hello Stephen,
    We are also trying to finish our building of Thor. As you say, those gears, since they are beveled, are object of a force that push them outwards, and since you cannot fix them to the rod, we decided to add some washers between every bearing and the gears. It is not a very technical solution but it works for us. The only solution we considered in addition to this one is using two half rods, one for avery bearing-pulley set, and modify the central piece that acts as another support for the rods. In this way you could fix the bearing-pulley sets to the rods, avoiding the axial movement. But we thought it was far more difficult to manage, so we took the first option.


    Thanks ;for the information, Rafael. We had initially ;considered printing spacers to position between the bearings and gears, so it’s very interesting to hear you’ve used washers. Your second solution definitely gives us something to consider, as well.
    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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