Single layer PCB design

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    Hello Angel, am mohamed from palestine
    i just started build a thor as a Graduation project from mechatronics engineering department
    i need the first design of the PCB ‘ single layer design ‘
    because i can not order V1.0 online and can not manufacture the douple layer
    does the homing sensors included in the first design
    thanks alot

    Angel LM

      Hi Mohamed!

      I think I found a commit with the gerber files of the first version of the ControlPCB (single layer):

      Check it out and tell me if that was what you were looking for 😉


      Thanks A Lot.
      i have no experience with kiCad
      always design my circuits on proteus
      this error appear when i try to open the project using KiCad
      error img

      if you have an idea to solve it..
      Thanks again

      Angel LM

        That’s strange… Maybe you have not downloaded every file?

        Please follow this steps:

        1. Go here and click on Code green button and then “Download ZIP”.
        2. Go to download folder and unzip it
        3. Open KiCad
        4. On KiCad click on File > Open Project
        5. Navigate to the unziped folder Thor/electronics/ControlPCB and open the file.

        It should properly open the KiCad project, if you still get this error let me know and I will look for another way to send you the kicad project 😉


        Thanks alot
        its worked
        i was think that the single layer is a sheild but its not
        and it does not contains inputs for opto sensor
        so i will design one depends on schematic as a sheild with single layer
        a new THOR will born soon !

        Angel LM

          Hi Mohamed!
          I actually designed it to be a Shield for an Arduino Mega… The PDIG1 Connector is supposed to connect the shield to the Arduino Mega.
          Also, there are inputs for the opto sensors, labeled as P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6 and P7.

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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