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    Hi ;
    Could you tell me servo motor model?
    I have built Thor and now trying operate Gripper(Hs 311 servo motor).
    But it doesn’t work well….
    Thank you :

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    Angel LM

      Hi Gyojin!
      The servo model I use is “Tower Pro MG995”
      Hope it helps!

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        Hi Angel! As a little follow up to this servo motor question, I was a bit confused on the servo connector that’s shown in the ART 5&6 on the Interactive Instruction Manual. Is there a name for this or a link where I can buy this?
        Thank you!

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        Angel LM

          Hi stefan,

          Nice question! That is a connector I made soldering a 3 male pin connector (like this one) to a piece of universal PCB (like this one). Of course, I soldered 3 wires to the terminals on the back of the board that I ran all the way down the arm to connect to the board at the base.

          It serves as a connection interface to plug any kind of actuator that needs (VCC, GND and Signal).

          Hope it helps!

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            Hi angel!
            Could you explain it more, as to how you connected the servo motor wires, and the limit switch wires.

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            Angel LM

              Hi Antonio, I just sent you an email 😉

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