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    Hi ;
    Could you tell me servo motor model?
    I have built Thor and now trying operate Gripper(Hs 311 servo motor).
    But it doesn’t work well….
    Thank you :

    Angel LM

      Hi Gyojin!
      The servo model I use is “Tower Pro MG995”
      Hope it helps!


        Hi Angel! As a little follow up to this servo motor question, I was a bit confused on the servo connector that’s shown in the ART 5&6 on the Interactive Instruction Manual. Is there a name for this or a link where I can buy this?
        Thank you!

        Angel LM

          Hi stefan,

          Nice question! That is a connector I made soldering a 3 male pin connector (like this one) to a piece of universal PCB (like this one). Of course, I soldered 3 wires to the terminals on the back of the board that I ran all the way down the arm to connect to the board at the base.

          It serves as a connection interface to plug any kind of actuator that needs (VCC, GND and Signal).

          Hope it helps!


            Hi angel!
            Could you explain it more, as to how you connected the servo motor wires, and the limit switch wires.

            Angel LM

              Hi Antonio, I just sent you an email 😉

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