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    In the github project there is no gripper recommended for the robot. I found one at but it uses a Nema 17 motor which is heavy. Anyone can recommend me a better option for Thor?Thank you.

    Angel LM

      Wow! I just realized (after years since the release) that I’ve never say nothing about the grippers of Thor :O

      This gripper is the first I modified, based on this one.
      This gripper is the second one I modified, based on this one. With this one, Thor played (and winned) tick-tac-toe against many humans!

      Finally, for the new design I’m currently doing, there will be a new gripper. Full designed by me and more integrated with the Thor’s aestetics 🙂
      I’ll try to update the documentation ASAP to include the grippers links!

      Hope it helps,
      Angel LM


      There’s another gripper in Danny Van Den Heuvel’s Hackaday project. It’s in the ; ;file. I’m not sure but I think it’s based on the one from the Mantis Robot Arm.


      Ok, thank you

      Angel LM

        I created this wiki page inside the Thor’s wiki to collect the grippers!

        Feel free to add your creations or findings!

        Best regards,
        Angel LM

      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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