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    Hi Everyone,
    This is my first message to the Group. I was looking for a challenge for myself and i found this project awesome and seeing Angel keeping this group active and actual, contributions from many people… So I decided to start with it.

    3d printing is also new for me. Here is my question. There are many pieces/objects with parts that the first layer starts on empty space such as art56CoverRing (

    Here is my outcome. The middle part has no foundation. Therefore the the first 10+ layer falls down. Is this normal and i need to get rid of them with sand paper later, or is there a trick that i am missing?

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    Angel LM

      Hi Bilge!

      When printing things “in the air” we have to create provisional supports (that we’ll remove after the printing is done) in order to avoid the drop of the plastic.
      What slicing software are you using? I think every of them have an option like “add support” or something like this. For example, Cura has the support options at the Basic Menu.

      I suggest you to read something about supports in 3D printing, this article of 3DHubs explains it so well 🙂

      Hope it helps 😉
      Angel LM


      Indeed i need to add supporting. Just figured out:) I use slic3r. Still not very happy with the result. I need to tweak the settings. I will read the link further.

      Thanks a lot

      Angel LM
        Angel LM

          Slic3r has an awesome community and many manuals!
          Here is the part of their manual dedicated to supports:

          Hope it helps! 😉
          Angel LM

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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