[Poll] How we can make a buy list?

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    Angel LM

      Hi guys!

      Almost everyone of us had some troubles trying to find the components of Thor. I think that we can do a list where these components can be bought in order to make them easy to find.

      The question is the following: Where we can do this?

      I think that a thread in the community could be messy, as posts can’t be updated, only replied. A file on github could be nice, but many people won’t know how to edit it. A shared file on google drive could be hard to admin…

      Do you have any suggestion?


      Angel, Have you think to make a community on google plus+? I have seen other projects there, where sharing files and to collaborate is done in a more intuitive ;way.


      I think a Reddit community would be nice. It has a great structure for help related topics, and a sidebar where we can post links to an updated buy-list page with links. A traditional BOM list is…well, boring as heck. We should definitely give it more of a “brochure” feel, making it seem like a step by step process rather than a wall of text.

      Great idea! I think a more solid community will entice more people to give Thor a go! ;

      Angel LM

        I’ll check it out!

        Angel LM

          Hi guys!

          After several of days thinking about this and evaluating many possibilities, I think I have a conclusion.

          I made a wiki inside the GitHub repository, and it can be edit by anyone. I have migrated the “Component list”, “Thor Builders” & “FAQ” info to the wiki.

          In this way, everyone can access to the wiki and edit it. Also, there is a register of changes, so it can be restored in case of “vandalism” or something like that.

          This wiki is very easy to edit, enter to the wiki clicking in the “wiki” tab in the repository and edit the page you want just clicking in the “edit” button inside that page. Easy.
          If you want to create a new page click on “New Page” button. That’s it. The only thing you have to know is the Markdown format, I suggest you to visit this page where it is explained very well.

          What do you think?

          Best regards,

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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