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    I made a complete electronic sheet of my THOR+ robotic arm
    Components used:
    1x Main controller board Ultratronics Pro V1.0 based on arduino due
    6x Polulu stepper driver 8825 cooled max 2A – 24V
    1x Logic shifter 3V3 <> 5V 8 channels
    1x USB Host PCB with flashed software PS4 controller to TTL serial connection
    1x Bluetooth dongle 4.0
    1x Slipring 24 wires max.2A for each wire
    1x Arduino Nano
    1x Neo pixel ring (gripper)
    1x Servo motor (gripper)
    1x Stepper motor (base) 17HS16-2004S1 (2A) 24V
    3x Stepper motor geared 17HS13-0404S-PG5 (400mA) 24V
    3x Stepper motor 17HS13-0404S (400mA) 24V
    2x Fan 24V 40x40x10mm


    It becomes time to assemble it! So next week I’ll try to put it all togetter.
    In the meanwhile I’m gone put all drawings and stl files online this weekend.
    And after all these works I finnaly can program back on my GUI controller software 🙂
    In the next comming weeks I will have a real moving robotic arm, Yeah..


    Hi Danny, looks promissing.
    did you finalice you Software?I have played with your rob_gui it realy cool.Did you post your source code on github or will it not be opensource ?

    CU Oliver

    Angel LM

      Amazing work, as always 🙂


      Hay Oliver,

      It will be opensource, I will release it when it’s mature enough 🙂
      I’ve been working on different parts of thor, soft & hardware for the moment.
      I wanted to make it as complete as it can be, no deadlines.

      Angel LM

        Hi, I’m also developing the project alike to Thor and I noticed that you were doing the same, what about your progress?

        суббота, 18 февраля 2017 г., 15:29:12 UTC+3 пользователь Danny Van den Heuvel написал:

        Angel LM

          суббота, 11 февраля 2017 г., 19:59:17 UTC+3 пользователь Danny Van den Heuvel написал:


          Hi Danny great work!As I see, you have the Ultratronics PRO, please can you be so kind to have a look on the Ethernet chip, what kind of chip is it? I would like to to upgrade my non Pro version.

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