Motors and steppers numbers

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    heyi looked in the bom and i saw that the v2 of the control pcb contains 8 STEPPERS, while in the MOTORS section there is only 7 motors, what am i missing? ;

    • 2x Nema 17; L=40mm; Holding torque: 39.22
    • 3x Nema 17; L=34mm; 5:1 mechanical reduction; Holding torque: 121.2
    • 2x Nema 17; L=34mm; Holding torque: 21.57


      • 1x PCB
      • 8x A4988 Stepper Motor Driver


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    Angel LM

      Hi Hotam,

      You are right, the current design of Thor only uses 7 steppers, so 7 drivers are enough.
      I designed the new board capable to control up to 8 steppers in order to be able to add another degree of freedom. (I was thinking to add rails on the base)

      Hope it helps!

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