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      Hey there,

      I realised these are missing from the BOM
      – DC jack input
      – 1 x GT2 Pulley 20 teeth 6mm bore
      – 2 x GT2 Pulley 20 teeth 5mm bore

      instead of
      3 x GT2 Pulley 20 teeth 5mm bore -> because the shaft for the stepper of Articulation 2 & 3 is 6mm

      Also what about fans directions, intake or exhaust air?


        Also, the BOM is missing 50×50 fans for the base.

        4 x 50x50mm fans 12V 2-Pins

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          And missing 12 x magnets 8x1mm

          Angel LM

            Hi Billy!

            Thank you very much for noticing this, I’ll add the fans and the magnets to the Bill Of Materials 🙂

            About the pulleys, the 3 units of GT2 Pulley 20 teeth are correct. But as the geared motor shaft is 6mm, you have to drill half of the hole in the pulley with a 6mm drill bit. If not, you should replace the 625ZZ bearing and the 5mm diameter rod of that side with a 6mm diameter rod and a bearing with 6mm bore.

            I placed the fans in order to intake air, but I think both ways are ok as long as the air flows through the robot.


              Thanks for the reply Angel.

              Yes, I ended up drilling 🙂

              One more thing, I have no idea where to put 3 pieces I printed, they are not in the assembly animation.

              Here they are:

              Could you help me on this? Or point out documentation I missed?

              Angel LM

                Hi Billy!

                The Art1OptoFix piece is no longer needed if you printed de latest version of the BaseBot piece (which I think you have printed) and you are going to use the commercial Optical Endstops listed in the BOM.
                I’ll note it to remove the piece from the repository ASAP.

                The Art4BearingPlug piece is used to prevent the bearing balls to escape the ring. In the assembly animation it should be inserted in the same hole used to insert the bearing balls after inserting them. This video of Sr Ferrete shows how he inserted the balls and the Art4BearingPlug piece.

                The Art56Interface is only needed if you want to use other tool than the Thor Gripper. This piece provides 3 screw anchor points, and can be used as a base to design your own tool holder.
                In this image you can see a Thor using this piece to attatch a different gripper.

                Hope it helps!

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