Matlab software used for inverse kinematics solver

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    I wonder why no one suggest to use the Matlab software to solve the inverse kinematics for Thor robot and it can be used for trajectory generation which can allow the robot to do task in efficient ways. In this right moment I am trying with my friends to build the Thor robot as our graduation project at Mechatronics Engineering at Sana’a University in Yemen and we aim to develop the control methods for Thor robot by using advanced program like Matlab and V-rep softwares to create the appropriate equations that govern the robot’s motions.

    Angel LM

      Hi Bassam!
      I thought about that when I was designing the robot, but to keep the whole project fully Open Source, even the tools to design and solve had to be Open Source too. That’s why I solved it “manually” hahaha
      Anyway, if you get some results do not hesitate to share them with us! 🙂


      There is an open source alternative to MATLAB, it’s scilab, maybe it can help.
      Best regards


      Hi Bassam, I am mohamed from Palestine did you complete the control using MATLAB, am working on it too for my FYP, if you had finished the software can you send me a message..

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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