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    I have just stumbled upon the Thor community and will mostly be getting started on my own very soon! I do have a question about the motion though. From all the videos I’ve seen it looks like the motion is strictly on a joint by joint basis. Is there a way to create linear motion for Thor? ;This would make it much easier to use and more viable for teaching purposes. I currently work extensively with Fanuc industrial robots. I program the motion for them. In doing this almost every day it is I almost never jog the robot joint by joint because it is much slower. The robot is based on a coordinate system with the origin being at the base of the robot (more specifically the intersection of axis 1 & 2). The robot will jog the tool center point on a line or linearly in a direction based on an input of +,- XYZ.

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    Angel LM

    Welcome to the Thor community!

    Yes, as you say it would be nice to have a way to program the motion in a easier way (probably just giving the XYZ cordinates and the rotation matrix elements). If I’m not wrong I think that Danny is developing a visual tool that makes that, but I don’t really know the state of it. Check his hackaday projects 😉
    Also, the Inverse Kinematic equations are available and ready to implement in a program. (It is in my buffer of thing to do, but I don’t know when I’ll have the time…)

    Hope it helps… at least a bit 😛

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    Thank you! I will start working on my Thor when I get home! (I’m out of town for work) I will look into this and see what I can come up with 😀

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    Angel LM

    Awesome! Make sure to share your progress and questions with us 🙂

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    Angel LM

    Hi, I’m also developing the project alike to Thor and I noticed that you were doing the same, what about your progress?


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