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    Angel LM

    Hi all,

    Some of you asked for kits of the printed pieces so I contacted the owner of bitfab.io (a 3Dprinting service), who is a nice person, in order to get a tight budget for all the printed pieces of Thor. He sent me this info:

    Printing settings:

    • Layer height: 0.32mm
    • Shell: 0.8mm
    • Top and bottom: 0.8mm
    • Infill: 20% ;

    Printing information:

    • 109 printing hours
    • 2.25 kg of PLA
    • 55 parts

    Order information:

    • Price: 448€ + VAT
    • Shipping not included, we ship to the European Union
    • Estimated production time: 15 days
    • More information at in…@bitfab.io
    • More materials and settings on request

    Hope it helps someone!

    Note: I’m not associated with bitfab.io, but I fully trust in their work 😉

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    Diego Trapero

    Thanks for the post, Ángel!
    I am Diego Trapero, I run the Bitfab 3D printing service. We did the Thor quotation to help users that don’t have a 3D printer or that don’t want to do the 100+ hours printing job. It will be printed with a Volcano hotend, which allows faster printing (and thus lower price) and better bonding between layers (for more strength).
    Now I am suscribed to this thread, feel free to ask any question about the parts.

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    Benedict Aduku

    Is there any chance folks in the United States can get this 3D printing service?Ben

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    Diego Trapero

    We can ship to the US, no problem. We have sent you an email.

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    Do you ship to Morocco. I also wanted to know if the offer is still available for us ?
    thank you,

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