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    Angel LM

      Hi all,

      Some of you asked for kits of the printed pieces so I contacted the owner of bitfab.io (a 3Dprinting service), who is a nice person, in order to get a tight budget for all the printed pieces of Thor. He sent me this info:

      Printing settings:

      • Layer height: 0.32mm
      • Shell: 0.8mm
      • Top and bottom: 0.8mm
      • Infill: 20% ;

      Printing information:

      • 109 printing hours
      • 2.25 kg of PLA
      • 55 parts

      Order information:

      • Price: 448€ + VAT
      • Shipping not included, we ship to the European Union
      • Estimated production time: 15 days
      • More information at in…@bitfab.io
      • More materials and settings on request

      Hope it helps someone!

      Note: I’m not associated with bitfab.io, but I fully trust in their work 😉

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      Thanks for the post, Ángel!
      I am Diego Trapero, I run the Bitfab 3D printing service. We did the Thor quotation to help users that don’t have a 3D printer or that don’t want to do the 100+ hours printing job. It will be printed with a Volcano hotend, which allows faster printing (and thus lower price) and better bonding between layers (for more strength).
      Now I am suscribed to this thread, feel free to ask any question about the parts.

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      Is there any chance folks in the United States can get this 3D printing service?Ben

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      We can ship to the US, no problem. We have sent you an email.

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        Do you ship to Morocco. I also wanted to know if the offer is still available for us ?
        thank you,

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          Honestly if you’re willing to pay for professional 3d printing I would think that going for a better material then pla. I see PETG as the minimal for functional prints like Thor. It no longer costs significantly more than PLA and has much better mechanical properties.

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          Angel LM

            Yeah, I agree with that. And, in fact, I’m going to change the documentation to recommend using PETG instead of PLA for the printed parts of Thor.

            The offer Diego made was in 2017, and at that time PETG was not as common to see.

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