Inverse Kinematics

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    Hello, what is the code used in Sympy to calculate the inverse kinematics fo the thor robot.
    I was hoping if anyone has the code please.

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    Angel LM

    Hi Jose,
    I have done the calculations for the Forward Kinematics using SymPy, but not for the Inverse.

    Here is the code I used for the FK calculus, it may be helpful!
    Best regards,Angel LM

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    Thank you Angel by the information, it helped me a lot. ;
    I have a nother cuestion, you will have a link to dowload the robot assembly (CAD)?, because I would like to do a simulation.

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    Angel LM

    Sure Jose,
    Inside the folder “freecad-src” at Thor’s Github you can find the ThorAssembly.fcstd file it is in FreeCAD format, but is easy to export the parts you need to other format (stp, stl, etc…)
    Hope it helps!Ángel

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