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    i am Oliver an automotion engineer from Germany. ;

    I am working with PLC’s and robotics since 25 Years.

    But also like Java, C, Python programming.

    I have done some nice projects with Raspi and Intel Edison.

    I like Thor opensource project. Looks very promissing. I think with some people together it could be very cool.

    I started developing with amazon alexa would it be great to have an voice controlled robot ? ;

    I do love the idea. 🙂

    Since 6 months i own an China clone iprusa 3d Printer. Which is working well.

    I try to make the first Thor part this weekend. But as always ABS Printing is some kind of pain in the but.

    Will see if i get it done.

    CU Oliver


    Angel LM

      Welcome to Thor’s community Oliver 🙂

      Your first printing looks amazing! And printed in ABS with a i3… woah. I tried printing with ABS and it was a fail, so I’m impressed!

      Want to see more coming! 🙂

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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