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    Hello everyone,
    I guess it is time that I put up a post introducing myself, as some (or many) of you may have gotten questions from me either on here or through email. My name is Burcu and I am a master’s student in Industrial and Systems Engineering and my undergraduate degree is from electronics and communication engineering. You may also have heard from Pratik or Brian.
    Our progress so far:

    • All parts have been 3D printed using uPrint SE Plus.
    • We have received all the nuts and bolts that we need.
    • We have all the motors and we have tested them individually to make sure they work.
    • We bought the Control PCB from Angel, and connected to our Arduino Mega 2560.
    • We have flashed grbl on the Arduino and have used Universal G-Code Sender to send the code

    The problems we have run into:

    • From all the printed files, we seem to be missing Art2 pulley. We realized that the one from the assembly animation is different than the stl file that we printed. ;
    • We cannot get the motors to run with gcode with the exception of a few. Right now, only X+ and X- are working (one motor). Previously we have seen Y+/Y- and Z+/Z- movement on two separate motors.
    • The parts were printed before we started working on this project and they are the initial version. Therefore we do not have the space for fans. Overheating might be an issue.

    The plan is the use Thor as a tool to teach undergrad students about design and robotics, and it is especially great that everything is OpenSource. This kind of collaboration is really appreciated, and we would like to especially thank Angel for not only the project but also his tireless answers to all the little questions we have had along the way.
    In the pictures, you can see our parts laid out, and the motors connected. We are hoping to be able to control all the motors, and then assemble it. Hopefully, we are nearing the end! Once we have this up and running, we plan on working on some of the modifications made by Danny.
    Please feel free to reply or reach out if you have any questions or solutions to ours. Right now, our main issue is that we cannot get the motors to turn with the gcode, ;and when we do, it seems quite laggy. ;
    Hoping to hear from everyone,

    Angel LM

      Hi Burcu!

      First of all, welcome to the Thor family officialy!
      I really like the purpose of your Thor, it’s the same reason I created and shared it 🙂 Feel free to ask!

      I’m looking to the photos attached to your post and I have a pair of suggestions:

      1. The power wire is a bit thin, it will limit the amount of current to the board. I would change it for a thicker one.
      2. I’m seeing that you short-circuited the switch connector, what can be done, but that thin wire will limit a lot the current given to the board. I would change it for a thicker one (the same thickness as the power wire).

      I’m using Ø0.5mm (cooper section) wires if it helps!

      About the missing Art2Pulley piece… I don’t know what piece is that one. I’m looking to your printed pieces photo and I’m only missing the Art1GearMotor, Art4 MotorFix, Art4BearingPlug and the Art56Interface.

      I’m sure you already know it but you got all the updates STL files at the stl folder at Thor’s github repo

      Hope it helps!

      Angel LM

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