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    I am a controls engineer working with offshore drill ships. I have background in software development and electrical engineering. I also have a background in CNC (its how I paid for college), metals and plastics. If you have questions on materials, by all means ask.

    I am planning to build the project over the next month of 2. I am also interested in scaling up this project to NEMA 34 motors, because i like the design. I am also looking at making some of the wear parts (gears) out of stronger materials. I will share any molds I make with pouring instructions.


    Welcome Adam,
    cool Idea upscaling Thor.So Thor will maybe get i little more payload 🙂

    CU Oliver

    Angel LM

      Hi Adam!

      It sounds awesome! There is already a smaller design of Thor but not a larger one! Keep us informed 🙂

      Best regards,


      I fear the PLA/ABS printed materials may not be strong enough for a NEMA34 version. I am looking at staying away from metal as much as i can, unless its standard easily obtainable shapes like thin wall tubing. Looking more into using epoxies and using CNC router to make molds. I’m making notes for Thor XL as I build the Thor. I have a FormLabs Form 2 printer on the way, as well as my heavily modified MakerBot replicator 2 (Aluminum Gantry parts, and bed supports, Heated build plate from a 2X, increased build area 6cm in z axis, and made top and sides to hold temperature inside).


      Hi Adam,
      i have printed Thor complete in ABS. The parts are awesome strong.I guess if some joints are made i bit stronger constructed bearing holders. It will last like a tank.

      CU Oliver.

      Angel LM

        Hi, I’m also developing the project alike to Thor and I noticed that you were doing the same, what about your progress?


        суббота, 11 марта 2017 г., 2:44:53 UTC+3 пользователь Adam Graham написал:


        sorry for late reply, but i have been crazy busy. my ; progress is slow. I have redesigned most parts for increased motor size. I have designed many of the molds. I will be injection molding with HDPE. ;

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