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    Hi All Thor Robot Builders,
    My name is Martin Barr I am from the UK and saw Angel’s thor robot while looking for something to 3D print an make.
    I have now done this an managed to get my ARM working.
    I bought the Electronic board from Angel and assembled it myself, that was fun and a good way to learn. Would recommend it to anyone interested. SMD’s are cool.
    My background.
    I was in Engineering for 14 years, have an HND in Production Engineering. Decided IT was the way to go after that so got a Post Grad diploma in Computer Science.
    I went into IT “UNIX” Linux when Slackware was around. 🙂 showing my age with all this 🙂
    I am just a very keen hobbist that likes to know about everything. Build this robot arm is a great way to learn.
    @Angel, thank you for all you patience with me and my emails with issues.
    I attach my Thor. Still working on the control box. Also working out or trying why the sensors are not working. I cannot home Thor. I just zero it with power off and power on. Then move it okay. Just watching limits.
    Made it pick up the tube and move it so well happy 🙂
    Will post more when I get time.
    Martin Barr

    Angel LM

      Hi Martin!

      First of all, congratulations! Your Thor looks awesome! 🙂
      Also, I have to compliment you for your success soldering SMD components for first time! A steady hand is needed.

      About your problem with the homing sensors, which ones are you using?

      Best regards!
      Angel LM


      Hi Angel, I sent you an email about the sensors.
      Did you have time to look at them?
      Homing is still not working although I can move the robot arm without that by just setting it in the home position manually and running some gcode to the grbl interface on the Arduino board.
      I have a video but it seems too big to send via email I tried also on here but it’s too big (190MB MP4)
      Martin Barr

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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