interfacing ultratronics pro and the software GUI (computer)

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    I currently building the dynamic model and kinematics of thor robot in matlab software. the progress is very well about 60% of the work is done.this work is to study Thor robot from academic perspective . this includes (forward kinematics, inverse kinematic,Jacobian ; analysis, dynamic model,trajectory planning in both the joint-space and task-space, and the most important things is the motion control and force control.).

    Now, my quetions are:

    what is the firmaware that is uploaded to the Ultratroins pro board to work with 6 stepper motors simultaneously

    what is the form of the commands that are sent to the robot from the computer(ex: G-code or what)

    and thank you very much.

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    Angel LM

    Hi Bassam!
    The electronics used in the current model are Arduino Mega + Control PCB (a PCB designed by me to control up to 8 motors.
    The firmware loaded in the Arduino Mega is a modification of GRBL and the commands sent to control the robot are GCodes.
    Hope it helps!

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