interfacing ultratronics pro and the software GUI (computer)

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    I currently building the dynamic model and kinematics of thor robot in matlab software. the progress is very well about 60% of the work is done.this work is to study Thor robot from academic perspective . this includes (forward kinematics, inverse kinematic,Jacobian ; analysis, dynamic model,trajectory planning in both the joint-space and task-space, and the most important things is the motion control and force control.).

    Now, my quetions are:

    what is the firmaware that is uploaded to the Ultratroins pro board to work with 6 stepper motors simultaneously

    what is the form of the commands that are sent to the robot from the computer(ex: G-code or what)

    and thank you very much.

    Angel LM

      Hi Bassam!
      The electronics used in the current model are Arduino Mega + Control PCB (a PCB designed by me to control up to 8 motors.
      The firmware loaded in the Arduino Mega is a modification of GRBL and the commands sent to control the robot are GCodes.
      Hope it helps!


        Does anyone know if the same firmware is used on the other versions of Thor. Aka “‘Thor’ robot with addons and GUI” by dannyvandenheuve. Because they use different boards so I’m not sure if the same GRBL would work

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