Input current for the PCB

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    I know the input voltage is roughly 12 volts, I just don’t really get how the current distribution works 🙂

    Angel LM

      Hi Boluwarin,
      I’m sorry but I don’t understand the question… Do you want to know what’s the minimum amps that you need to move all motors, how the PCB was designed or how the processor manage the motors?
      Best regards!Ángel


      Estoy intentando alimentar a la tarjeta PCB para empezar con la regulacion de mis A4988 pero se genera un corte (continuidad) entre el VCC y el GND que van al Arduino habrá si hay algún comentario o algo que deba saber para poder solucionar este problema.

      I am trying to feed the PCB board to start with the regulation of my A4988 but it generates a cut (continuity) between the VCC and GND that go to the Arduino, if there is any comment or something I should know to solve this problem.

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      Angel LM

        Hola Israel, lo que comentas no tiene buena pinta. Podría ser cosa de un driver defectuoso. Te recomendaría probar cada uno de ellos por separado para descartar esa opción.

        Un saludo!

        Hello Israel, what you are saying does not look good. It could be a faulty driver. I would recommend you to test each of them separately to discard that option.

        Best regards!

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