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    Angel LM


      I made the Thor Builders List, where you will find the names/nicks of the builders and a link to their project/log/documentation. Also it shows the current state of it (In progress/Assembled).
      Why? I think it’s the fastest way to find the links to users builds and check what they have done. Also it probes that build a Thor is something possible hahaha.

      If you are building a Thor, modify the list and send me a Pull Request (via GitHub). If you are not familiar with GitHub you can also post your name/nick and a link in this thread. Periodically I’ll check this thread and I’ll add the new builders and update the state.

      Hope you like it!

      Angel LM



        Hi Angel LM

        Amazing project you got there.
        I’m joining the builders, printing the parts right now on Fortus machines.

        Builders list 404s.

        I’ll keep the track of my build so more people could benefit.


        Angel LM

          Hi Marko!

          First of all, welcome to the Thor Community! 🙂

          You are right, in order to keep the Github repo more tidy I have migrated the Builders List to the Thor repo’s wiki: List of Thor Builders
          Feel free to edit it and add yourself!

          Best regards!


          First of all, thank you Ángel L. M. for such a great project. I’d like to add to the builders list. We are a group of sudents in a spanish secondary school in Sevilla. My name is Rafael and act as the teacher, although I try to let the students go on with the building with as less help as possible. At the moment we have all the parts printed and are building the robot from the base. I hope we can have it working soon.
          GreetingsRafael and 4 students.

          Angel LM

            Hi Rafael and company!

            Welcome to the Thor family! 🙂
            I just added you and your students to the Thor Builders List!
            It would be very interesting if you create a [Roadmap] thread posting your progress, fails and successes while building the robot!

            I can’t express enough my admiration and gratitude to teachers like you, that not just teach but inspire the students. So, please, count with my full support!

            Best regards,
            Angel LM

          Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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