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      Claudio here, I have mounted ART 5 and 6 of Thor and I was testing the Endstop 5 and the homing process. Everytime I try to do the homing process I get a Homing Fail and the associated alarm mode.
      The motors connected are just 5 and 6, together with the gripper stepper motor and the endstop5.
      No other element is connected to the board.
      What could be the cause for this homing fail? What does the homing process need to begin? Must all the motors and/or sensor be plugged in for the homing to work ?

      Thank you all in advance,

      Angel LM

        Hi Claudio!

        As you say, to do the homming cycle you should have connected every stepper and every sensor. The homming sequence is:
        1. Articulation 2
        2. Articulation 3
        3. Articulation 1
        4. Articulation 4
        5. Articulation 5

        If you want to jog the motors without doing the homming cycle you can send the GRBL command $X (Kill alarm lock) to bypass the homming.

        Hope it helps!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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