Gripper Servo Motor not functioning properly

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      Hi everyone!

      Claudio here, we have started assembling the components of Thor. Articulations 5 and 6 are done and motors run smoothly. We are encountering a recurring problem with the servo drive and the clamper. The servo works fine when wired to the board. The problem arises when it is mounted onto the clamper: The servo works, but for some angles it vibrates and wiggles for very long time.
      It is quite evident that the problem is in the mounting, but as of now I was not able to solve it.
      I eased some screws, that are now not as tight, but the wiggling is still there.
      I also tried a generic assembling and disassembling of the whole clamper, but nothing changed.

      Any ideas of some critical components to check? Maybe the screws that are used to unite the “clamper active arm” to the servo could be the problem (both central and the tiny ones on the sides)?

      As always, thanks for your time.

      Angel LM

        Hi Claudio!

        If the servo is working fine by itself and it fails when assembled into the clamp, I can think of two things:

        – The zero position of the servo is not the zero position of the clamp. The zero position of the servomotor should be when the gripper is fully open. If the zero position causes the gripper to try to open more than is mechanically possible, the motor will vibrate.
        – The pick-up position of the servomotor is too high. As in the previous case, if we force the servomotor to go to an unreachable position for it, it will continuously try to reach it, which will cause vibrations and, sometimes, it could even burn the motor.

        Let me know if you have any of these two cases!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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