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    Hi, which Assembly workbench was used to create the Assembly FreeCad files?

    Im investigating building Thor v2.1. Downloaded the FreeCAD. Waned to check things out in detail. I wanted to investigate the Assembly files, but my FreeCAD 0.19 reports tons of errors and many constituent parts are not visible as part of the model. I’m no Assembly expert, but was gonna try to resolve the errors. One key piece of info will be the Assembly workbench used… I think. I know the various FC Assembly workbench produce incompatible products. Thank you.


    Answered my own question.. Assembly 4 workbench.

    Errors about missing files are due to file name issues. The ones I’ve resolved are due to file extension of downloaded file being *.fcstd. the Assembly model is looking for *.FCStd. I’ve found bout 6 of these situations in the two Assembly files I’ve reviewed.



      Sorry for my english. It´s a little rusty.
      Do you know if there is a way to export the file in another extension to work in Matlab? Import “assembly” file and i get the complete arm. Now, I wanna export into URDF file with the goal to use Robotic systems tool from Matlab.

      Again, sorry for my english.



      Dont know much about Matlab/URDF. Google tells me that these are the available formats:

      Perhaps some other export format can then be imported by a 3rd SW package to produce the format you need? Good luck.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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