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    I’m building the first axis of Thor, and I am facing a problem with it. Although the big bearing turns smoothly, when I place the set BaseTop + bearing + Art1Top on top of BaseBot, it moves with some effort, causing the motor to lose about 50% of steps. At this moment I do not have the Thor electronic board and am testing with an Arduino Mega + RAMPS, but I think the small motor at axis 1 is not strong enough.Do you have any suggestion?
    Greetings ;Rafae


    It could be that you don’t have the current set right on that axis’ driver but I think a lot of people are using a 2 amp stepper like the one ;here ;instead of the 0.4 amp referenced in the BOM.

    Angel LM

      Hello Rafael!

      As Drew has suggested, it could be that the current set on the stepper drier is not enough. Have you tried to adjust it?
      Could you share the model of the stepper and the driver you are using?

      Also, it could be that the torque needed to rotate that articulation is greater than the torque provided by the stepper. Does the articulation 1 moves easily without too much friction?

      Best regards,
      Angel LM

      Angel LM


        As the gears are printed, they could have some tolerances (it depends on each printer). If you see that the connection between gears is very tight and they not mesh well, maybe the module of one of the gears needs to be tunned.

        To do this, just open the Art1GearMotor.FCStd file with FreeCAD, navigate to the Involute Gear object and change the module value, then select the Art1GearMotor object, export it to STL and print it. I would recommend you to start reducing it by 0.1mm.

        Hope it helps!
        Angel LM


        Thank you Ángel again for your help. We changed the motor to a 40 mm long one and also printed a new gear with modulus 1.9, and now it moves fairly well. We continue to build the rest of the robot.


        Angel LM

          I’m glad to read that!

          I can’t wait to see your progress 😀

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