FIRMWARE for single layer PCB problem

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    Hi Angel, i have finished the printing of the THOR, also i have fabricate the single layer PCB, but i have a problem in the firmware, i have got the firmware for the single layer PCB from this link( which you puplished before in the forum, am trying to run the first stepper motor for Art1, all connections and power good, the stepper and the drive also good, i have uplode the grbl to the arduino and tried to send move command through the IDE serial monitor for the motors specally Art1 first stepper but its not response to the control, the serial shows that the arduino successfully connected to the computer and Thor firmware, i have not connect any optical sensors ( homing sensors with P pinouts on the board) in the testing process, does the optical sensor was the problem?, can you send me the firmware again or help me to know what was the problem.
    Thanks Alot
    i am a mechatronics engineer and the robot is my final year project, which i will discuss it after one month afrom now, so i dont have much time

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    Angel LM

    Hi Mohamed!

    Sorry, I have been busy these weeks and I just read your question.

    I think that the problem could be related with the homing process. As you don’t have sensors to home the motors, GRBL doesn’t have a reference to start the motion. I think you can do a manual homing by placing the robot in the fully stretched upward position and sending the “Kill alarm lock” command ($X).

    Here you have the documentation of GRBL commands in case you need it:

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