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    I see that Design Update is an outdated branch but I also see that it is newer. ; Which one should I use to print STL’s from ?Hopefully Developer as I am about 100 hours into it before I noticed the diff 🙂
    Also on the BOM, you list 7 stepper motors ; by count, but in the description you only describe 6 points of articulation. ;Is that extra geared stepper used for something else ?

    Hopefully soon I will be a “finished” builder. ; Mech Eng on the printed parts is really impressive, printing on a CR10 andthey are all coming out very clean. Great job.

    Angel LM

      Hi John!
      The Developer branch is the safest one, it has the tested design and it works!The other branch, “Design Update” was created by me time ago and contains an updated design that I didn’t test yet. If someday I’m able to test it and it works, I’ll merge it to the Developer branch.
      So, you are in the right way!
      The extra motor you noticed is used in the 2nd articulation, that uses the force of 2 geared motors to move.
      Hope to see photos of your Thor soon! 🙂

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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