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      In the BOM, the shafts redirect to AliExpress link for longer shaft length so I guess we have to cut it.
      I’m surprised I could not find anyone asking how to cut rods/shafts on the forum.

      And being relatively new to DIY electronic & 3D print, I have never done that before.

      I’m assuming I should buy a dremel cutting wheel?
      Does anyone have recommandations on:
      – which one to buy that would not be overkill? The smallest most efficient possible
      – tuto on how to do it properly
      – safety


      Angel LM


        Yes, as the lengths of the shafts are not something standard, you are supposed to but a larger shaft and cut it in pieces (or find someone that can cut it for you).

        You can use several tools: A simple and cheap metal saw, A dremel or similar tool with an abrasive cutting disk, a grinder machine

        I guess that there are many tutorials on youtube, but here you have one explaining how to cut metal with a saw.

        About safety, I would recommend you to use globes and safety glasses 😉

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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