Bearing between Art4BearingRing and Art4TransmissionColumn

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    Hi everyone !

    First of all, excuse me for my bad English, I’m just a French student in mechanical engineering. ;

    It’s been a while that I am working on this awesome project and now I’ve got a couple of questions concerning how the Art3Body and the Art4Body are connected. These two parts seems to be connected thanks to the Bearing between Art4BearingRing and the Art4TransmissionColumn. And that is my question : ;- Does the upper part of the robot ( the part with all the components of the Art56 : the Gearplate, the Art4BodyBot etc… ) is ONLY connected to the Art3Body thanks to this Bearing (made of Airsoft balls) ? This isn’t a problem ? That the Bearing just hold, by itself, the Upper part of the Robot (which has a non negligible weight). ;

    ;P.S : If my questions aren’t clear enough, please tell me what points should be detailed

    Angel LM

      Hello Matthieu!
      First of all, thanks for your words about this project! 🙂
      Answering your question: Yes, the upper part is only connected with the bottom one using the 3D printed bearing. To be honest, when I designed it I was a little bit worried about the maximum load this 3d printed bearing can hold, but as I did not find a cheap commercial solution I tried and it worked. To be honest, I did not make a proper study about the forces acting on the bearing or a simulation to see the limits of this configuration.
      Hope it helps!


      Thank you for your reply. ;
      Another Thor is born yesterday ! Now it’s time to control it.

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