Bearing between Art3 and Art4

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    Hello guys,
    I am making Thor robot and I had some issues with 3D prited bearing between Art3 and Art4. So I have modified it to fit a ZKL 16010 bearing in it. I will give you some more information when I fully assembly my thor. So far I can give you Step assembly file without fasteners. I am making two versions of it first with modiifed version of Art3Body and second without. Space between Art3 and Art4 was increased by 2,5 mm and it would bring some more weight to it.

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    Angel LM

      Hello Robour!

      If you can share the Step file I would be glad to check it out! I used the 3D printed bearing because I did not find any other solution to that articulation… The printed bearing is not bad, but it can be tricky to print and it has some backslash, so if there is any better solution im all ears!

      Thank you!


      Hi Angel!
      I’ve uploaded the step files to the github. Here is the link to them: . I hope it will work properly.

      Angel LM

        I’ll check it out ASAP, thank you very much for sharing it!

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