Availability of PCB control board and Opto Sensor boards.

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    Hi Angel, I see from another post that you supplied the boards for this project, is this something that you can do for me?

    What cost, let me know. Martin

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    Angel LM

      Hi Martin,

      I only have 1 PCB left. I can send you the PCB + Mats for 30€+Shipping cost
      At this time I can’t offer the assembled and tested one as I don’t have enough time for it.

      The mats include:

      • PCB
      • All male pins
      • All female pins
      • All resistors
      • All leds
      • All capacitors
      • All terminal blocks
      • The diode
      • The fuse

      And it does not include:

      • Arduino Mega
      • Drivers
      • Wires
      • Motors
      • Fans
      • Sensors

      Best regards,

      Ángel LM

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      I am just ordering up a batch of controller PCB’s. If you still need one, let me know and I can sell you one out of my batch if you need.

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      Hi Trent, I have ordered a kit from Angel

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      Hi Trent,

      Where do you order your boards from?

      I have just screwed my first board up, lost an SMD pad when removing a badly solderd LED.

      Would love to know if I can order in the UK


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      Hi Martin,
      I had mine done at Seeed Fusion. They’re really inexpensive and quick to ship, and the quality is quite good. I do have some spares here as well if you want me to send one over – but Seeed is almost as fast/cheaper. Hard to believe that it’s so inexpensive to make boards now.

      _____________________________________________________________Trent Shumay – CTO, IoT Design ShopVancouver, Canada

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