Asgard software serial port query

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      Hello Angel,

      First of all I would like to say how good your project is.
      I wanted to build a robot arm and decided yours was the best one.
      No wires are visible making it look nice and tidy, and your website kept all information in one place.

      I have printed most of the parts (on a Mendel 90 printer made by Nophead) and now starting the process of assembling it all.
      I ordered the PCB from PCB way which was very cheap, compared to buying in my own country UK.
      Having soldered all the components, loaded the firmware onto Arduino mega 2560 board, and
      loaded python and then Asgard software I have come up against a problem!

      When Asgard GUI is opened the serial port does show any com ports and subsequently will not connect.
      I have checked the firmware default settings and checked python is loaded correctly.

      Do you know what I might be doing wrong?
      Any help would be appreciated.


      (United Kingdom)

      Angel LM

        Hi Colin!

        Thanks your words, I’m glad you like it!

        Regarding the Asgard issue, have you been able to execute a Gcode command via Arduino IDE Serial Console? (More info about this in Firmware Documentation)
        If that is not the problem, maybe there is something wrong with Asgard´s python code… And I´m pretty sure that would be this line: import serial_port_finder as spf
        I´ll take a look to it meanwhile!

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          Hello Angel,

          Thank you for the quick response its much appreciated.

          I used the example G code off your page(G0 A10 B45 C45 D-45 X15 Y5 Z-5) to move 1 stepper, because stepper is connected to PM1 I assume that A10 in the G code is the one that moves it. To get it to move again I input the same G code but change A10 to a higher figure (eg A30) and click send. this moves stepper a bit more.

          As for the Asgard, at the moment I have opened QT designer to then open the code and check for the (import serial_port_finder as spf). When gui.ui is loaded I then click on view code, but comes up with Unable to launch C:/python34/lib/site-packages/PyQt5/uic.
          However I did a windows search for uic and it came up with a lot of directories pointing to: C:\Users\colin\Downloads\WinPython-64bit-\python-3.4.3.amd64\Lib\site-packages\PyQt4

          It looks like it cannot see my PyQt5 directory at the moment so will investigate.

          I don’t know if I made any sense there as I don’t know how to program arduino or python but I just keep going with trial and error



          Angel LM

            Okay, so the serial communication seems to be okay and the steppers seems to be working.

            So… it may be problem with Asgard. I’ve tried it today and it works for me, so let’s make it works for you 🙂

            Quick check:
            1. Be sure that you have installed the required dependences:
            – PyQt5: python3 -m pip install pyqt5
            – PySerial python3 -m pip install pyserial

            2. Launch Asgard using Python3: python3
            3. Post here if you receive any error or if it works!


              Hello Angel, (am I addressing you correctly?)

              Super fast response thank you.

              It does seem the problem probably lies with how i have installed PyQt5
              I currently have installed PyQt5 5.4.1 and python 3.4.0
              I hope I have the correct versions loaded?

              I will have a look tomorrow evening and check what you have suggested .
              Thank you very much



                Hello Angel,

                I have resolved the issue by uninstalling PyQt5 5.4.1 and python 3.4.0. Then reinstalling them both following the tutorial on utube from Brazo Robótico.
                Not sure what I did then, but got it work after a short while.

                What I did notice was that I was actually opening with the previous installation, because didn’t open the control software.
                After reinstalling python, opens the software perfectly.

                Once again Thank you for all your help.



                Angel LM

                  I’m glad you managed to make it work! 🙂

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