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    Has anyone modified the Art3Body casing at all? Mainly if anyone has split this part into two section so that it can be printed on a smaller printer. I like how the fourth articulation was split into two but I don’t know if the third one can be split and to allow enough space to create joining sections to screw them back into one. Would very much appreciate any advice about printing this part or about slicing it into two sections.

    Many thanks



    Hi Jamie,
    as far as i know no one did. I have printed it in a prusaI3. Which is not the tallest printer.Printing this part of thor was fine. I have printed it without support for the roof.My printer has a housing i am unsing ABS a 0.4 nozzle and ABS slurry to glue the part on the glas plate while printing.Temperature bed 110 and nozzle 240.
    Only the 90 degrees overhang, where supported.I am not 100% satisfied with my print since the new cooling slots in the roof brought me a litle ;warping during print and the printer motors had lost some steps. I had luck to rehome and restart print at this point.
    Maybe someone else is able to recomment a ;better solution.

    CU Oliver


    Not to worry Oliver

    My print only has a print height of 120mm so it’s way too small in height to print the rest of this arm. I would cut the model myself but I have no idea how to use the Free Cad software it was built in. I can only open and rotate models and take measurements using it. I’ve been exporting them as different file types so I can open them in Solidworks. However the Art3Body is missing parts of the top so I can’t edit it to slice it in too.
    I’d really appreciate it if someone could share their method of slicing this part into two prints or instruct me on how to do so. As I’m intergrating this arm into a project I’m making that needs to be finished very soon.

    Many thanks



    Hay Jamie,

    Look at my hackaday site! I have split a lot of parts to be printed into smaller printers!


    Splited parts, have a go!


    I would not have been able to do this project without your work. I have printed all of the body parts successfully! Thanks so much!


    Hi Danny, do you have the original CAD files for the ART1 Body please, as I need to make a few changes to fit my even smaller printer.



    Hi Danny,
    have you got also the original CAD files of the ART3 splitted parts?, I would like to add a fan to your design, or do you have a piece already modified with the fan addons?
    Thank you so much,
    Best Regards.
    Andrea Aglietti


    Andrea, There’s a user named Sepio that’s done a lot of redesign of Art3 through Art56. His project log on this page:
    contains a Art3LowerBody with a fan added to it.


    I feel that I should also point out that using Sepio’s Art3LowerBody will also require using his entire Art3 design. Not sure is it affects Art4 and above.

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