Art1Body design in v2.1 missing cutout

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    Hi, I am new here and have decided to make the Thor robot arm. I initially downloaded the v2.1 files and started printing parts.
    When I printed the Art1Body piece and tried to install the motors, they didn’t fit. The space was about 2mm too short. I noticed that in the assembly animation the Art1Body piece has cutouts on both sides on the inside
    where the motors go, but both the CAD and the STL files only had cutouts on one side. I then downloaded the Thor v1.0 files and saw that the missing cutout was there.
    So I believe there might be an error in this part for v2.1? I’ll reprint the part using the v1.0 file. I think the motors will fit in that one.

    Angel LM

      Hi imernchavez!

      First of all, sorry for the inconvenience. As you said, during the redesign of Thor pieces in Freecad 0.19 I missed that cutout of the Art1Body part.

      I just have updated the Thor GitHub repository with the fixed FreeCAD, stl and step files corresponding to Art1Body part. If you have not printed the v1.0 version yet, it would be nice to print the new one instead of the v1.0 version.

      Thanks a lot for the report! 🙂

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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