A new Thor is Born in Turkey

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      Hello everyone,
      We are very happy to work on the Thor open source robot arm project.

      We completed the project in a period of 3 months and achieved image processing integration. Even though we encountered a few problems during the production process, it was a lot of fun for us. This is a small start for us, we will do a lot of work to improve the project in the future.

      Endless thanks to Angel for sharing such an open-for-development project with us.

      Many greetings to everyone from Turkey.
      Uğurcan Kaymaz
      Ufuk Taş


      Angel LM

        What a great job! Well done guys! 3 months is really a short time if we take into account printing, assembly and programming times! I am impressed!

        As I said in the other post, it would be great to see some video or something of your work! If the work you have done is published on the university website, send me a link to share it in the Worldwide section!


          Hello Angel,

          The video of our work is in the link below, we plan to make many improvements after we rest a little.

          Thanks for everything!
          Uğurcan Kaymaz.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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